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Rob Drum

My name is Rob Drum. I’m a real estate agent and investor in Birmingham, Alabama. Here on my blog, I mostly write about real estate and finance. Previously, I spent six years trading stocks full time. I try to help other people learn from my mistakes and successes. I use the research skills I developed trading stocks to publish unique insights into our local real estate market. You can sign up for the free newsletter HERE.

Rob Drum and Family

Top Posts
  1. 67 Things I Learned From My First Year In Real Estate – A collection of tidbits I picked up in my first year. Covering everything from networking to property management.
  2. 6 Lessons From 6 Years Of Professional Trading – Not quite the “Wolf of Wall Street,” but I met some great people and grew a lot as a man in these 6 years.
  3. Big House Blues – What We Learned From Buying Then Selling an Oversized House – In the transition from trading to real estate, we swallowed our ego’s and downsized. I’m so glad we did.

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